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A Request

Weightless by Denis Sarazhin

“Oh, Yes” she moaned.
He was glad that she couldn’t see him blush. “That’s the spot,” she said.
He kneaded her soft nape. “Little down, yeah right there.” she requested. He pressed his palms against her back. The bones cracked like a dry twig on an autumn afternoon. “Ahhnnnh” she gave a loud moan suppressed by the pillows. He could tell she was drooling. She inhaled them heavily.
“You know, people say I have magical hands” He whispered into her ears. They were half-naked in an obscure hotel room.
She turned back her head, she looked half asleep, “Oh yeah. Could you please rub my back a little? Press it down.”
She had puppy eyes with a big iris and a small mouth that was so tiny on her face that it produced the softest and the most sensuous voice he had ever heard. He slowly ran his hands down, gliding it her bare hollow back. Her honey skin was dry and rigid. He pressed it and again he heard the crackling sound of her bones. “O my God! This is awesome.”
He was startled by the sound of her bones. “What are you, woman? a human bubble wrap?”
She laughed with her face on the pillow. He laid beside her supine. She looked at him through the corner of her eyes, her face stretched into a smile. She apologised, “I am so sorry. I can’t do this.” She then narrated her woes about her sedentary job which caused her disturbed sleep for weeks.
They had met online on a dating app. A casual conversation over a week led them to a nearby city where they met for the first time, a hotel room was booked overnight, the foreplay killing the mood at the end. “I am sorry. I am so exhausted these days. I just want a good sleep.” She apologised.
He chuckled and asked her to put on some clothes. She had one more request to make. He placed his foot on top of her as she rested her head on his chest. She requested him to gently brush her hair with his fingers.
“Why do I feel used?” He joked.
She sniggered and answered lazily “hmmm, please shut up.  You’ve got magical hands”

Pantomime by Denis Sarazhin

He looked at the ceiling fan rotating clockwise. The past year had been rough for him. He lost his job. He spent most of his days on the internet, playing video games and befriending strangers online. He heard her snore on her chest. The sound of a motor wheezing. He couldn’t help chuckling. She was fast asleep. She reminded him of his cat that napped on his chest and purred aloud. He felt somewhat used, but he considered it better retribution than a punishment. he kept stroking her hair, the warmth between them overpowering his urge to stay awake. He forgot to tell her he too was suffering from insomnia. He finally gave in and fell into a deep slumber. It was the best sleep they had in years.



  1. Saurabh
    Saurabh February 26, 2021

    That was smooth. Good going girl.

    • KATE
      KATE February 26, 2021

      Haha thanks

    • KATE
      KATE February 26, 2021

      Thanks Saurabh😊

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