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Kate Sarah 'Sanskari' Posts

I found a cure for my Writer’s Block; Write sh.. because it makes a good fertilizer

The only cure for writer’s block is to write, write anything that comes to your mind. Welcome ideas, let them make a nest inside your head. Write the sad things, bad things, the good and the worst.    I know I am a little late but I have decided to…

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Ragat ra Dhuwa

Ragat  ra  Dhuwa  (Blood and Smoke) हुँदैन बिहान मिर्मिरेमा तारा झरेर नगए बन्दैन मुलुक दुई–चार सपूत मरेर नगए (Morning will not dawn Without a fallen star, A country isn’t formed Without a sacrifice of a few sons) – Bhupi Sherchand     If the Earth were to be divided into…


A Request

“Oh, Yes” she moaned.He was glad that she couldn’t see him blush. “That’s the spot,” she said.He kneaded her soft nape. “Little down, yeah right there.” she requested. He pressed his palms against her back. The bones cracked like a dry twig on an autumn afternoon. “Ahhnnnh” she gave a…